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Web Links

Welcome to the International Business: Canada and Global Trade Web Links page!

Here are the links referred to in the Web Links feature of the student text.

Click on a chapter title below to find the Web sites that will help students better understand and research topics related to international business. An explanation of each link is provided.

Chapter 1: International Interdependence
Chapter 2: The Importance of International Business
Chapter 3: International Competitiveness, Productivity, and Quality
Chapter 4: Changes in Canada’s Global Business
Chapter 5: International Agreements, Organizations, and Policies
Chapter 6: International Business Opportunities and Trends
Chapter 7: Avoiding and Managing Common Mistakes and Problems
Chapter 8: Culture and International Business

Chapter 9: Political and Economic Factors Affecting International Business

Chapter 10: Global Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Chapter 11: International Marketing
Chapter 12: Logistics and Global Distribution